Smoking Policy

Colorado State Law prohibits smoking. Smokers may smoke outside.


A telephone is available in our lobby and all patient rooms. To place a local call, first dial 9 and then the phone number.


The center is not responsible for any loss of personal value. We strongly recommend that you leave all valuables at home. If necessary, your nurse will arrange to have your valuables stored in the center's safe.


Contacts with the family members and friends make your stay at our facility more pleasant and are part of your recovery. We welcome your guests and ask they abide the following rules:

  • Visitors are asked to speak quietly and to avoid unnecessary noise that may disturb other customers.
  • Smoking by visitors is not allowed within the facility.
  • During times of treatment or nursing care, visitors will be asked to leave the room.
  • Food or fluids should not be accepted from anyone unless first cleared with your nurse.
  • Persons with colds, sore throats, or symptoms of other transmissible diseases are asked to refrain from visiting.

Customer Responsibilities

As a customer at our facility, you have responsibilities as well as rights. You can help yourself by being responsible in the following ways:

  • Be Honest - You are responsible for being honest and direct about everything that relates to you as a patient. Tell those who are caring for you exactly how you feel about the things that are happening to you.
  • Understand - You are responsible for understanding your health problems to your own satisfaction. If you do not understand your illness or treatment, ask your doctor and others about it. Be sure you do understand. Understanding your health problems is important for the success of the treatment plans.
  • Follow the Treatment Plan - It is your responsibility to advise the people treating you whether or not you think you can, and want, to follow a certain treatment plan.
  • Report Changes - It is your responsibility to tell the doctor about any changes in your health.
  • Keep Appointments - You are responsible for keeping appointments. If you cannot keep an appointment, you should notify the doctor/surgery center as early as possible so that another patient can be scheduled.
  • Know your Medicines - It is your responsibility to know the names of medications you have been taking, as well as their purposes.
  • Know your Staff - You should try to know the names and positions (doctor, nurse, aide, etc.) of everyone who helps take care of you.
  • Be Considerate -You have a responsibility to be considerate of other patients, and to see that your visitors are considerate as well. Unnecessary noise can often be very disturbing to nearby patients. You also have the responsibility to be considerate of staff. If you have any questions or problems regarding a staff member, please refer to the grievance mechanism.
  • Know your Financial Obligations - It is your responsibility to know the financial implications of your treatment. If you have questions regarding the cost of treatment or the kinds of coverage available for these costs, please contact the Business Office.


The Medical Staff, Nursing Staff and Administration of Rocky Mountain Surgery Center are committed to excellence in the care of every patient. It is our intent that all patients receive a level of care that meets or exceeds their environmental, psychosocial and physical needs. Patients or their legal representative are encouraged to inform us if they feel such needs were not met. You may initiate a grievance/complaint by sending a written report the following:

Administrator or Director of Nursing
401 West Hampden Place
Suite 100
Englewood, CO 80110


All grievances/complaints must be signed, but upon request, confidentiality will be respected. If the patient/legal guardian feels that resolution has not been met to his/her satisfaction, he/she will be provided with address of the Colorado State board of Medical Examiners, the State Board of Dental Examiners, the Colorado Podiatry Board and/or the Colorado Health Facilities Division.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Our organization is required by law to make its services available to all people in the community. This facility is not allowed to discriminate against patients on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, or because a patient is covered by a program such as Medicare. If you believe you have been improperly denied services at our facility, please contact the Administrator at (303) 789-4000.